I love evolution!!

OK, so, as the title of this post makes clear – I love evolution! I just do. It’s beautiful. Yes, I am an atheist. But if I believed in a creator god, I would still “believe” in evolution – because it is simply observable fact.

You don’t need anything fancy to notice evolution in motion. Any dog breeder knows what happens when you select for specific traits. (I think dog breeding is unethical, by the way, but it’s an easy example.) I just read a post on Pharyngula that mentions an experiment with super cool results that everyone should see.

[Two asides: The experiment involves fucking with animals and natural habitats, and I don’t “believe” in doing that. I think the results of the study are fascinating, but I would rather folks document observable changes in species without mucking about with habitats and killing animals for observation. But, not many biologists share those views. … Also, I want to mention that PZ Meyers can get on my nerves. Sometimes I find him narcissistic and bothersome. But generally the content of his blog is fascinating. Plus,

I LOVE biology! I LOVE cephalapods! I respect the roll of the critic in public discourse. And, as previously mentioned, I LOVE evolution!! So, I read PZ Meyer’s blog on a fairly regular basis, and THIS post is so worth it.]

Read on…

Warning: it includes a photo of lizards’ stomachs.

Coincidentally, I think lizards are just about the cutest things ever. I love lizards, too! This post is a love-fest…

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